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The mission of the magnet development team at the PFF is to develop technology to create state-of-the-art pulsed magnet systems. We recently successfully created the first 100T nondestructive magnets to deliver a unique tool for high-field research community. After two decades of innovations, we have developed and maintained a set of numerous powerful pulsed magnets ranging from 50T to 100 T of different pulse widths to support for a wide variety of users.


 There are many engineering and material challenges for development of ultra-high field pulsed magnets, such as extremely high stress loading, heat transfer and thermal expansion, eddy current heating, high voltage and dielectric issues... Computer simulations and experiments are employed for understanding and solving those concerns to develop pulsed magnets with higher fields and longer lifetime, or meeting other special requirements from our magnet users.


 The magnet development capability at the PFF of Los Alamos is equipped with facilities for fabrication, assembly, maintenance, test and analysis of magnets. We also have access to use equipments/expertise of material development and characterization laboratories at both LANL and MagLab in Tallahassee to search for better materials used to make higher field magnets.




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Doan Nguyen





 Simulation for the temperature distribution inside a magnet at  t = 200 s after a peak field shot.

The top view of 100T outsert magnet with a clear bore of 20cm in diameter.